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“By 2025, at least 60% of companies will have explicit strategies and timelines to adopt SASE, covering user, branch and edge access, against 10% in 2020”, as foreseen by Gartner®. 


But there is a long way until we get there. There is a huge gap between SASE’s current adoption state and the forecast. That's exactly what this Gartner® Report is about, presenting different scenarios and proposals to fully migrate to this new network architecture and cloud security. 

See some important points of the Report:

Comparison between SASE’s current and future status; 
Most significant gaps that inhibit SASE migration;  
Strategic roadmap for SASE convergence. 

Since SASE model was defined and introduced in 2019, the interest of the industry and end-user has been growing. The pandemic has accelerated this process to such an extent that companies are using fragmented or incomplete SASE features and offerings to take advantage of the benefits that this cloud network and security architecture offers. 

But fully transitioning to SASE takes a long time. Among the reasons, we can mention: 

  • Companies have software contracts in effect for a few years
  • Not every SASE vendor actually offers all the required and recommended features. 

Therefore, this report includes Gartner® strategic roadmap, considering the gaps between the current adoption of the architecture and future state to enable an effective migration of companies to this technology. 

Get SASE’s Migration Plan.


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