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The Gartner® campaign that offered the Report “The three steps of contextualizing IoT and data to enable more intelligent production” has ended. Therefore, the content can no longer be accessed.

But don’t be discouraged! Other campaigns and other themes will come, and you will be able to enjoy everything if you stay tuned to our news. Keep following us!

Some data from the Internet of Things (IoT) are not fully used because the volume of physical assets makes this use difficult. 

TD SYNNEX and Cisco have teamed up to show how IoT data is driving digital business initiatives, such as improving the operational efficiency of physical assets. 

With Gartner® Report, discover the three steps of contextualizing IoT and manufacturing data to enable smart factories.

Fill in the form and receive the full report.

We believe this Gartner® Report brings in-depth studies, industry best practices, trend analysis, and innovative approaches that can help you drive business performance.

In our opinion, the report offers:

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Gartner, The 3-Step Process of Contextualizing IoT and Manufacturing Data to Enable Smart Factories, Published 11 November 2021.
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